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Wildlife Designs Taxidermy is owned and operated by Bryan N. Sengo. I designed this web page to allow more people to see the work we do, and learn about proper field preparation to ensure your hard earned trophy does not end up wasted, or improperly prepared for the artistic mount you desire. 

Wildlife Designs works with all phases of taxidermy, from species around the world, to fish and custom cabinetry. We do not operate a high production studio, By using time honored traditional techniques, along with the best in Commercial tanning, improved materials and technology, ensures all mounts will be well constructed and be of the highest quality. We also alter all of our forms to get the proper fit and position you want for your specimen. Wildlife Designs will not limit you, to what generic form or position is available, so feel free to come up with your very own custom mount. Please look at the photos in the gallery, for close up photos of details Wildlife Designs will incorporate with your trophy.

As an experienced cabinet maker, I can also work off site designing, building, finishing and installing cabinets for your trophy room, as well as trophy cleaning and restoration. 

Wildlife Designs Also has Mounts ready for sale, We can also find you specimens such as Wolverine, Wolf, to Exotic pheasants for a custom display.

Be sure to look at my trophy caping instructions, and print them out for reference for yourself or friends for use when out in the field. 

Feel free to call or Email anytime if you have any specific questions or want to get a quote on your next trophy mount. 

Bryan Sengo
Wildlife Designs Taxidermy
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