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Caping Instructions

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When field dressing do not make cuts into the brisket area, try to keep about 3 inches behind the armpits or breastbone of your game animal.  To cut the legs, start at the knee and cut along the hairline in back of the legs. You may also “tube” the legs. To cut around the body allow 5 inches + behind the front legs, careful when cutting around the body as your knife may travel towards the head. These cuts will allow extra skin your taxidermist can trim later, or be used for a Pedestal style mount. Skin up to the head and detach. If you need remove the cape (head skin used for shoulder mount) follow the instructions below. Make copy’s and take this out in the field.

Make straight even cuts along the lines shown in the photo below, and begin to skin around the neck.

To take the skin off from around the antler, you may be able to pull the skin by hand, peeling it from around the bases. It may help to start it with a knife. Rocking a dull object such as a flat screwdriver will also work to peel the skin from the bases. I do not recommend a knife other than to start.

Continue to skin around the head to loosen the skin from around the ear butts. Cut through the eat butt along the side of the skull.

Skin down the face until you notice the eye orbit cartilage (dotted line) and skin close to the cartilage. You will start notice a blueish hue through the membrane, which is the actual eye.

Place a finger in the eye hole of the hair side and pull. Continue to cut along the eye orbit and cut through the bluish area, skin until the eye skin has been completely removed. 

To remove the skin from the tear duct, pull from the eyehole. If the skin does not freely peel from the bone, carefully skin with the knife close to the bone while pulling the skin. Skin down the muzzle until you can feel a hollow spot in the mouth area.

Flip the skin back over and cut along the inside gumline, Along the mandible. Continue the cut down inside the mouth. Also cut  through the nasal cartilage from this side also.

Now flip the skin back over and cut down and meet the mouth cuts you made from the fur side of the cape. Continue skinning down the face. You will notice cartilage from the nasal area. Skin down a little and cut through the cartilage down to the previous cuts.

Finish the skinning. Now to keep the cape in good shape, treat it as you would with the Meat, let cool, freeze if possible, deliver ASAP. Salt may also be applied to the skin side to help set the hair.

When cutting antlers from the skull, Wildlife Designs prefers this cut. Start by cutting 1 ½ inches bellow back of skull, continue  down through lower 2/3 of eye sockets, then through nose bridge. Be sure to leave the front half of the eyes and nose bridge in tact. Doing this will leave valuable reference to customize  the mannikin, and  duplicate your specimens specific facial features. The Basic taxidermy standard would have you cut the eye sockets off.  Remove the eyes, brain and extra meat. lightly boil to help remove more meat or to meet legal requirements. 


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